Radio NZ What are we doing wrong? With our new “all singing all dancing” health and safety legislation our stats are going the wrong way and we are killing more people in workplaces, not killing less.

The figures are missing a couple of glaringly obvious things too. There is an emphasis on injury and no mention in these figures around health – it is after all the Health and Safety at Work Act. We haven’t seen figures from the other two agencies that also admisniter HSWA – Maritime NZ and CAA. So what is the true picture of workers killed in workplaces in NZ?

I would say the figures are more than has been reported here, which is a shame for NZ because I know Nicole Rosie has been out there working hard and talking to industry. I saw her give an excellent talk to IOD (Institute of Directors) in 2018. I wonder when the workplaces around NZ will have leadership that will actually be accounted for. We are still waiting on the first prosecution of an Officer in NZ.  From the conversations I have had around industry – . maybe it won’t be long at the rate we are going with killing people, when the first officer does get a charge filed against them  watch out there will be a stampede for the door! …. and possibly the changes will start to happen.